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Reference : ABS001
Absinth Seeds Plant Aromatic Herb
bag of 250 seeds

Absinthe is a tall perennial (about 1.40m) European.
The yellow flowering plant from July to September and then give tiny seeds.

Type of land:

No specific land.
Still prefer a good soil and if you grow in pots, think about draining the bottom.


Absinthe grows in hot places, so it supports drought very well.
In full summer, if there is no storm or shower, water every three days.

The light :

The absinthe plant should be exposed if possible in full sun, or half shade but it needs a minimum of brightness to push.

Temperature :

Absinthe is a very hardy perennial, so it can stay all year in the garden.
In the spring, she will leave without any problem.

To know :

If your wormwood plant begins to show signs of weakness (falling leaves, foliar blackening ...)
it's that your absinthe plant has too much water, repot it as quickly as possible to avoid rotting roots, if it's too late cut and cut!

The semi:

Sow the seeds of Artemisia absinthium in a box with a fine potting soil, then cover the seeds with a few millimeters of soil, pack with your hands and sprinkle with a sprayer.

Renew watering every 3 days if it seems useful.
The seeds will rise between 2 and 4 weeks.

Then, as soon as the seedlings are resistant, transplant them into small pots or plant them directly in the garden.
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