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Essayez avec cette orthographe : Kiwi a

Essayez avec cette orthographe : Kiwi a
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Essayez avec cette orthographe : Kiwi a
Reference : KIW003
Kiwi Actinidier
- Autofertile -
(Actinidia chinensis)
---- 50 fresh seeds offered ----
Family Actinidiaceae

Large tree 9 m; Climbing port

Dense foliage, well furnished, very decorative

Beautifully cut leaves, 'lighted green',

Flowers in white clusters, scented,

then gradually turn yellow during the summer

! ! ! Flowering melliferous wish! ! !

Edible Fruits with Hairy Skin

soft green-khaki-chocolate color

'Tender green' flesh very sweet!

Juicy fruit, pleasantly scented

... ... very easy to peel ... ...

half-shaded exposure to very sunny,

ordinary soil - little limestone - dry or fresh,

Perennial plant, resistant, hardiness - 10 °:

to protect during the Winter during Jellies
Adult height of the tree approx 9 m

Sowing fairly easy to achieve:

sowing: middle of July
Plant that likes in all sunny situations:

near a fountain, in a flower bed, in a hotpot,

at the edge of a window, or simply, in your garden

shading or sunny corners: everywhere Plants are happy

where we want to plant them. . . if we deign to water them !!!
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