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Giant flat parsley seeds from Italy

Giant flat parsley seeds from Italy
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Giant flat parsley seeds from Italy
Reference : PER001
Giant flat parsley seeds from Italy
bag of 600 seeds

Vernacular Name: Parsley Dish, Naples Parsley, Italian Parsley, Flat Parsley

Family: Apiaceae


Parsley is a 25- to 60-cm-high bisanal plant that is very aromatic and has a characteristic odor.
The leaves, shiny green, are doubly divided, especially those of the base, the upper leaves having often only three narrow and elongated lobes
Spontaneous plant in Southwest Asia and North Africa, widely grown in all parts of the world
The leaves, rich in vitamins A and C are widely used, finely chopped as a condiment, both in oriental, European, and American cuisine.
Parsley is one of the components of the bouquet garni
The parsley leaves play a major role in Levantine cuisine that uses them as a vegetable and not only in condiment, especially for the making of tabbouleh Lebanese

A crushed fresh leaf calms the irritation of insect bites.


In the garden: in a well-matured soil, rather fresh rich in humus, in the sun
Use: Potager, massive, borders, hotpot


Sowing in place from March to September after soaking the seeds 24 hours

Germination in 4 to 6 weeks

It is a plant very sensitive to frost. It remains possible to have parsley during the winter by covering the feet with a frame, or by late sowing in autumn in a greenhouse, or by transferring a potted plant to a sheltered place.
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