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LOTUS SACRE (nelumbo nucifera)

LOTUS SACRE (nelumbo nucifera)
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LOTUS SACRE (nelumbo nucifera)
Reference : LOT003-2
LOTUS SACRE seeds (nelumbo nucifera)
bag of 5 seeds

color: pink gradient white towards the center

The Sacred Lotus is a perennial aquatic plant native to Southeast Asia. Its natural environment is the mud from the bottom of the ponds, but it can also very well live in a pot immersed in 50 cm of water. Its rounded, flat and floating leaves can measure up to 50 cm in diameter. Its very fragrant flowers, white or pink, or blue often reaching sizes of 15 to 30 cm in diameter consist of about twenty petals. It is an aquatic plant that likes heat but also resists frost (-15 ° C). The Lotus is emblazoned with symbols and sacred: it was the sacred flower of the ancient Egyptians, it is also the national flower of India: it represents the purity, the perfection, the wisdom, the prosperity and the erudition in the Buddhist religion because the flower blooms, immaculate above the troubled or polluted waters. The entire Lotus is edible. The seeds are eaten candied and the rhizome is a nourishing starch. The yellow stamens are used to flavor tea in Vietnam. The rhizome and seeds are also used in Chinese cosmetology to fight against aging. It is found in medicine and throughout the field of perfumery. Its fruit is also very interesting in a bouquet of dried flowers: it looks like a watering apple with 15 to 20 cells each containing a seed (achene). The semi is very easy and very fast, the seeds remain viable hundreds of years
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