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Mexican sulphurous cosmos

Mexican sulphurous cosmos
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Mexican sulphurous cosmos
Reference : COS002-3
Mexican sulphurous cosmos seeds
bag of 100 seeds

The Sulphurous Cosmos or Klondike Cosmos, Cosmos sulphureus, is a species of annual plants in the Asteraceae family, native to Mexico and widely distributed in Africa and Asia.
It is a plant with a high nectariferous power, attracting in particular butterflies and bees. The leaves are particularly popular with slugs.

The young shoots are eaten raw or cooked in Indonesia as lalab or gudang.
In Thailand, they are consumed in salads or in herbal tea with the effect of inhibiting pancreatic lipase.
The flowers are dyeing, they produce an orange-yellow dye, used in pre-Columbian America and southern Africa to dye wool.

Broadcast sow in April. The seeds are quite fine, care must be taken to scatter them well. Bury them with a rake. Then water regularly until the seedlings appear.
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