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Reference : CEL001

Seeds of PERPETUAL CELERI (Levisticum Officinale)
bag of 60 seeds

Latin name: Levisticum Officinale

Vernacular Name: Perennial Celery, Lovage, Mountain Ache, Eastern Levis, Seseli, Mountain Angelica, Maggi Grass, Lovage, Sedano di montagna, Sedano di Monte, Levistico, Mount Apio, Montaña Apio, Leuştean (in Romania) , Liebstöckel, Maggikraut, Lavas

Family: Apiaceae (like carrots)


The lovage, or perpetual celery or mountain ache is a very hardy perennial herb grown for its leaves and seeds used as food condiments. It is native to southern Europe

It forms a rosette of leaves from which emerges a floral stalk up to two meters high. The taproot is long and fleshy.The cut leaves are reminiscent of those of celery.The stem, cylindrical, is hollow and grooved externally.Inflorescence is a dense umbel composed of 12 to 20 umbellules.Les flowers, small are yellowish color. Seeds, edible, brown, 5 to 7 mm long

The leaves can be preserved after drying in the shade, after having reduced them to powder, in hermetic boxes

Used widely in Bulgaria for the preparation of various recipes of whole stuffed and roasted lamb. It is also one of the main condiments in the sarma drob, a kind of risotto with lamb offal, and also for seasoning soups.
In Romania it enters certain culinary preparations like ciorbă or stews like ghiveci and the seeds are used to perfume pastries.

The young stalks can be prepared in candied fruits like those of angelica.
The stem, hollow, can be used as an original straw in cocktails

The lovage infusion is indicated in case of digestive disorders. It also has diuretic properties

Hardiness: -39 ° C!
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