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Pampa white ornamental grass

Pampa white ornamental grass
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Pampa white ornamental grass
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white ornamental grass Pampa seeds. x500pcs

This variety is an incredible color The grass of the pampas is a herbaceous plant belonging to the family of poaceae. The grass of the pampas is a grass, which can cause allergy problems. This ornamental plant is native to South America. It has long and thin evergreen leaves with a sharp edge, of a green-blue color or even light gray. Its flowers, white, pink, cream or pale green, are grouped in panicles, particularly tall. The grass of the pampas can reach up to four meters high and form beautiful massifs. Without any particular utility, the grass of the pampas is cultivated solely for its aesthetic side, but also for its great resistance. Its inflorescences can be dried and used in the composition of bouquets. However, be careful with its leaves that can cause deep cuts. Cultivation of the grass of the pampas The grass of the pampas must be planted in the spring, in order to get a bloom in the course of autumn. It requires a well-drained soil, and a very sunny orientation to flourish properly. It is an undemanding plant that supports all types of soils, even the poorest.Maintaining the grass of the pampaThe cultivation of the grass of the pampas is very easy, it supports very well the frost, if it There is not too much moisture in his foot. As a precaution, conscientious gardeners mulch the base of the mound at the beginning of winter, with leaves taken from the plant. It is necessary to prune the grass of the pampas just after its bloom, in winter. For the multiplication of the pampas grass, it is sufficient to perform a division of the tufts during the spring.Watering of the grass of the pampaThis plant requires no watering, except in case of prolonged drought.Size of the grass of the pampaIf it receives enough sun and a slight manure, the grass of the pampas can form an impressive massif that can measure up to three or four meters high.
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