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Pink mini lotus

Pink mini lotus
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Pink mini lotus
Reference : LOT007-2
bag of 8 seeds

Common name: lotus or water lily or nymphea

Latin name: nymphea sp.

Family: nympheaceae

ATTENTION: the word lotus designates as well a nenuphar as the sacred lotus of the Nile than the nelumbos as the sacred lotuses in Asia; the 2 are nympheas and belong to the same botanical family, the nympheaceae; to recognize them, 3 things distinguish them: 1) the leaves of the water lilies are placed on the surface of the water whereas those of the nelumbos are always aerial. 2) The heart of the water lily flowers consists of yellow stamens in the form of claws while the center of the flowers of nelumbos is occupied by the seed capsule which looks like an apple watering. 3) the seeds of nelumbos are 1 cm while those of water lilies have the shape of a rugby ball 1 mm long; to help you recognize them, I use the words lotus-water lilies and lotus-nelumbos.

Description of water lilies: water lilies are perennial aquatic plants with deciduous foliage with a very pleasant scent: so you can admire these wonders each year in your water feature; the flowers open in the spring and summer around 10 am provided they have exposure in full sun; the cultivation is done in pots of 25 to 35 cm to be laid in 40 to 50 cm of water depth during the first 2 years to protect winter frosts; the fastest multiplication is obtained by dividing the rhizomes as for the irises; the petals are offered as an offering during many ceremonies in Asia and Africa.

Description of the variety put on sale in this ad: very small pink water lily lotus of 6 cm ideal for small pieces of water; I have a friend who grows it in a half-barrel 30 cm deep.

Cultivation advice: sowing to be done outside, in submerged pots in 10 cm height of water in full sun.
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