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Sacred fig tree

Sacred fig tree
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Sacred fig tree
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Sacred fig tree
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The fig tree of the pagodas, or pipal (Latin: Ficus religiosa, is a tree belonging to the genus Ficus, of the Moraceae family. In Vedic texts, it is called ashvattha. In Buddhism it is the tree of the Bodhi.

This fig tree adapts perfectly to indoor cultivation and bonsai pruning.
Height: 30 meters outdoors and more than 2 meters indoors
The fig tree of the pagodas is a sacred tree for Hindus and Buddhists, cultivated for more than 3000 years. He is also capable of living for several thousand years.
This classic of bonsai cultivation is also a host of the silkworm.

In traditional Indian and Asian pharmacopoeias, the foliage of Ficus religiosa is used to treat wounds and snakebites, as well as skin diseases, stomach aches, respiratory problems, diabetes and jaundice.
The bark is used externally to treat herpes, eczema and itching.

The pagoda fig tree absorbs carbon dioxide and continuously produces oxygen, unlike other trees.

Hardiness: 5 ° C
Location: sun, partial shade
Sow the pagoda fig tree in the spring.
Press the Ficus seeds 0.5 cm deep into seedling potting soil.
Install the pots at a temperature between 20 and 24 ° C.
Keep seedlings moist without soaking.
Germination of Ficus religiosa seeds takes a few months.
A disease resistant tree, the pagoda fig is however susceptible to attacks by spider mites, thrips and mealybugs

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Vernacular names
Burmese: bawdi nyaung pin
Bengali: অশ্বত্থ asbattha, পিপল, Peepal
Gujarati: પિપળો (pipdo)
Hindi: पीपल pipal (sometimes translated as: peepal, peepul, pippala, etc.)
Kannada: araLi mara ಅರಳಿ ಮರ
Khmer: assath អស្ស ត្ថ or assathapreuk អស្សត្ថព្រឹក្ស
Konkani: pimpalla rook / jhadd
Malayalam: അരയാൽ arayal
Marathi: पिंपळ pimpal
Oriya: ashwatth
Pali: assattha; rukkha
Punjabi: pippal
Sanskrit: अश्वत्थः aśvattha; pippala vriksha
Sinhala: බෝ bo; ඇසතු esathu
Tamil கணவம் kaṇavam; or அரச மரம் (arasa maram)
Telugu: రావి raavi,
Thai: โพธิ์, โพ
Urdu: peepal
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