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Sarracénie Sarracenia leucophylla

Sarracénie Sarracenia leucophylla
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Sarracénie Sarracenia leucophylla
Reference : SAR002
Carnivorous plant Sarracenia Sarracenia leucophylla 5 Seeds Seeds -10 ° C


This species is native to the states of Florida, Georgia and Alabama.

Its name comes from the Greek leuco "white" and phylla "leaf" compared to the white color of the top of the urns.

It is a perennial, rhizomatous and herbaceous plant that can reach 60 to 90 cm high.

The top of the urns and the cap are white veined with red.

White windows meet at the back of the hatch and go down the tube. Insects that feed on the nectar at the entrance of the mouth consider these windows as outlets. By wanting to impress these exits, which are only windows, the insects slide, lose their balance and find themselves at the bottom of the trap. When the insect reaches the bottom, it is dissolved by enzymes, providing the plant with essential nutrients.

Flowering occurs at the beginning of Spring and the flower has dark red petals.

Culture :

It is possible to grow indoors but it will rarely have enough light and a winter rest is necessary (between 2 and 5 ° C)

Use a mixture of 70% blonde peat, 20% sand and 10 vermiculite.

Exposure: sunny, summer protect from direct sun

Watering: in periods of growth (spring-summer) the pot must bathe permanently in water to maintain the substrate always wet but against the winter, just keep it moist.

No fertilizer needed, the plant finds the mineral elements in the insects.

This plant supports a minimum temperature of -10 ° C.
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