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Schisandra chinensis Berries with 5 flav

Schisandra chinensis Berries with 5 flav
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Schisandra chinensis Berries with 5 flav
Reference : SCH001-2

Schisandra chinensis seeds Berry with 5 flavors
bag of 10 seeds

Latin name: Schisandra Chinensis = Maximowiczia chinensis
Vernacular Name: Berries with Five Scents, Chinese Magnolia Vine, Wu Wei Zi, Japanese Gomishi, Korean Omicha, Fruit Of Five Flavors
Family: Schisandracées

Magnificent rustic and fragrant climbing plant too rarely cultivated

This tree liana native to North East China and Mongolia can reach 8 meters
It features deciduous green foliage and intensely fragrant creamy white flowers in spring.
It is a dioecious plant. On the female feet the flowers are followed by red berries in clusters that the Chinese call "Wu Wei Zi" which means 5 flavors because the berries are of an astonishing aromatic complexity: sweet, spicy, bitter, sour and salty. In addition to being edible these berries are very decorative
Berries (wu wei zi in Chinese) are most often used dried and then boiled to make tea.
Considered a general tonic, Schisandra has been given for centuries to young Chinese before their wedding night, so that they honor, as it should be, their young wife. Its anti-fatigue virtues make it an equally popular aphrodisiac. in China than ginseng. Moreover, the Chinese tradition affirmed that the berries of Schisandra made it possible to "possess ten women for one hundred nights".

Culture: Sun or partial shade. Rich soil

It needs a support such as trellis, pergola, netting, brace to hang on
Hardiness: -34 ° C !!!
Sow indoors in pots at 22-25 ° C from February after soaking the seeds for 24 hours
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