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Sensitive Plant that Dances

Sensitive Plant that Dances
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Sensitive Plant that Dances
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Sensitive Plant Seeds that Dance! (Codariocalyx)
bag of 10 seeds

Unusual plant, known as "Plante Telegraph" or "Plante Semaphore", famous for its foliage that
has the distinction of performing incredible dance moves. The lateral leaflets turn on their axis, moving in jerky movements under the influence of touch, sunshine, heat or during vibrations, like music. Like the other Sensitive Plant (Mimosa pudica), when the leaves are affected, they fold and the petiole collapses. Sometimes this triggers a chain reaction, with several stems of leaves turning or falling over each other. The plant will gradually return to normal, about half an hour. This movement induced by the contact of the leaves is called scientifically thigmonastie, it is one of the most spectacular movements of the vegetable kingdom, considered as defense mechanism against the predators and herbivores. Cultivated in hot climates, the plant is more than a meter in all directions, it is a sub-shrub native to Asia, the foliage is persistent, it gives small purple flowers followed by pods containing the seeds, it is grown very easily potted inside. His surprising ability to move his leaf will amaze your visitors and children love it.

Culture :
Easy, perennial 10 ° C
Height: 40 to 80 cm
Use: apartment, porch, greenhouse, garden, apartment, pot
Soil: ordinary to acidic, fertile, drained, kept slightly moist
Exposure: partial shade, non-burning sun, light
Watering: regular in summer, moderate in winter
Mist the foliage when the air is dry

Sowing: Soak your seeds in warm water overnight before sowing to hasten germination
1) Sow all year round, warm to + 22 ° C, in pans or pots, in a mixture of potting soil, earth and some sand, put in a bright place, keep the substrate moistened, transplant into large pots for indoors or replant outdoors in mild climates and in spring when frosts are no longer to be feared.
2) Sowing from May-June, after the risk of freezing, in a drained soil and kept moistened, the seeds germinate in 2 to 3 weeks,
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