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Siberian kiwifruit

Siberian kiwifruit
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Siberian kiwifruit
Reference : KIW005

KIWI SIBERIA Seeds (Actinidia Arguta ISSAI)
1 bag of 10 seeds

Latin name: Actinidia arguta ISSAI

Vernacular Name: Siberian Kiwai, Summer Kiwi, Bower Actinidia, Tara Vine, Hardy Kiwi, Hardy Kiwifruit, Kiwi Berry, Arctic Kiwi, Baby Kiwi, Kiwi Dessert, Kiwi Grape, Northern Kiwi, Kiwi Cocktail, Kiwiño, Selbstbefruchtende Cocktail- Kiwi, Kiwibeere, Zwerg Kiwi, Kiwi de verão, Kokuwa

Family: Actinidiaceae

Actinidia arguta, the kiwai, is a liana native to Asia (China, Korea, Japan), and Siberia. This plant is also called the Siberian kiwifruit. It is a liana belonging to the same genus as the kiwi. This liana climbs to about 6 meters tall, and has deciduous foliage, a fragrant white bloom, and edible fruits smooth and smaller than kiwis. We can eat them with the skin. Kiwai is sweeter than kiwi. It is also rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamin C. A plant can produce between 10 and 50 kg of fruit.

The kiwai is a liana very resistant to cold, since it will withstand dormant colds of the order of -25 ° C or less. In periods of vegetation and flowering, it is also a very ornamental vine. The variety 'Issai' presented here is autofertile. The leaves of the kiwai are deciduous, relatively broad, of a frank green, and smooth.

Actinidia arguta requires the following exposures: partial shade, light, sun
Actinidia arguta requires a well drained soil, but it is often watered.
-25 ° C or even lower!

Warm to 25 ° C upon receipt of the seeds in a barely moist sandy mixture. Cover little.

from: france
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