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Tiger Iris

Tiger Iris
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Tiger Iris
Reference : IRI001
Rare seeds of Belamcanda chinensis - Tiger iris, Leopard flower
bag of 10 seeds

Rare seeds on sale from organic farming.

Common name: Tiger Iris, Leopard Flower formerly known as the Chinese Pardanthus, Belamcanda des Morées, locally named 'She gan' named by the English speakers 'Blackberry Lily', 'Leopard Lily' or 'Leopard Flower'.
Latin name: Belamcanda chinensis (L.) Redouté, synonyms Belamcanda chinensis var. S. Ying taiwanensis, Belamcanda pampaninii H. Léveillé, Belamcanda punctata Moench, Ixia chinensis L., Pardanthus chinensis Ker Gawler.
family: Iridaceae.
category: rhizomatous perennial
foliage: deciduous
port: tuft, raised in fan.
foliage: like irises, long, narrow, amplex-like leaves.
flowering: in summer (June-August depending on climate), small flowers with 6 petals rotated corolla including three larger petals, 3 stamens and 1 long trifid style
color: orange-red (type species) yellow, apricot or pink.
fruit: turbinate capsules, bulging with 3 dehiscent valves containing small seeds (5mm) black, spherical, shiny.
rapid growth.
height: 0.60 to 0.90m.
planting: in the spring.
Propagation: Hot sowing from late winter to early spring, about 2 months before emergence (do not transplant too quickly) or division of rhizomatous hail.
Soil: drained, humus, rich, fresh.In its natural environment soil with sandy tendency.
location: sun, half-shadow bright.
zone: 5 - 11, easily tolerates -15 ° C.
Origin: Southeast Asia including China up to an altitude of 2000m, India and Japan.
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