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Tree of Love Gainier of Canada

Tree of Love Gainier of Canada
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Tree of Love Gainier of Canada
Reference : GAI001
Seeds Tree of Love, Commonwort (Cercis canadensis)

1 bag of 10 seeds

Botanical Name: Cercis canadensis
Common Names: Tree of Love, Canada Gainier, Eastern Redbud tree
The Tree of Love is adorned with bouquets of flowers, appearing directly on the branches and the trunk before the beautiful foliage in the shape of a heart. The pink purple flowering, blooming from May and from March in mild climate, the flowers are followed in late summer long pods purple red, filled with seeds that remain on the tree after the fall of the leaves, these seeds feed the birds. The Tree of Love is cousin of the Judas Tree, can carve and lends itself very well to growing in pots, this variety is also appreciated to make beautiful Bonsai. The deciduous, decorative foliage changes from green to golden yellow, bronze and fiery red in autumn. The shape of the trunk is irregular with a cracked greyish bark, the young shoots are purple. The tree is about 5 meters tall, it is native to North America, perennial down to -20 ° C. Its bloom and its extraordinary autumnal foliage are popular, they are found for the ornamentation of paths, parks and gardens as well as for lovers of Bonsais.

Culture :
Use: Garden, hedge, terrace, porch, Bonsais, pots
Perennial - 20 ° C
Exposure: partial shade, sun
Rustic, withstands spray and pollution
Soil: ordinary and draining
Height: 3 to 6 m
Fertilization: Supply of a complete fertilizer every year starting from the vegetation
Size: lends itself well to the size for growing in pots

Soaking the seeds in water for one night before sowing
1) Sowing all year round in pots or pots, warm, 20/22 ° C. Place the seeds in peat cups (recommended to avoid root manipulation), to plant directly in the holes in the garden (preferably in the fall).
2) Sowing from May-June directly in place, after the risks of frost in your area. Choose your location because it does not like to be moved (pivoting roots).
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