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Weeping fig tree

Weeping fig tree
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Weeping fig tree
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Weeping fig tree seeds
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Benjamina from the Indian vernacular name 'ben-yan'
Banyans are part of the Urostigma subgenus.
Waringin is a name found in Indonesia and Malaysia to refer to it,
or Fig birch probably in reference to the resemblance of the leaves.
also called weeping fig tree in reference to the port hanging down from the branches.

native to tropical forests it needs fairly humid, well-drained soils.
Intolerant of frost, it does not like temperatures below 15 to 10 ° C.

In the south of France, it can be discovered in the open ground but always in places that are very protected and sheltered from drafts; therefore, it never becomes very large and does not exceed 2 m.

- This tree has very variable sizes from 2 m to 30/40 m in its region of origin.
Figs in pairs are small, round, orange turning red.
In Europe it is popular as a houseplant, sometimes with twisted stems, and also as bonsai. In addition, it is considered a depolluting plant.
it turns out to be quite invasive.
In South-East Asia, it supplies rubber with its latex and the bast (bark) is used in the manufacture of ropes.
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