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White Strawberry from the Alps yellow

White Strawberry from the Alps yellow
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White Strawberry from the Alps yellow
Reference : FRA014
White Strawberry Seeds of the Alps (Fragaria) Alpine Strawberry Seeds yellow wonder
bag of 100 seeds

European variety also called English wild strawberry or alpine strawberry (old name: the strawberry of every month) produces yellow fruits, with a delicious musky flavor,
European Variety also called English Wild Strawberry, produces yellow fruits, with a delicious musky flavor,
a species appreciated for its hardiness and high productivity. It reseeds each year and also reproduces by stolons, that is to say, aerial stems that grow at ground level and then form roots a little further from the mother plant.
It is very productive, offers its fruits throughout the summer season until the first frosts,
Perennial - 25 ° C, resistant to diseases and pests, for cultivation in the vegetable garden, or pots, planters and suspensions, gives a beautiful groundcover.
Variety of a long life, naturally abundant over the years pass.
These fruits of the mouth, are gathered when they are perfumed and conserved moderately, profit from the fresh fruits.
Supports growing in sun or partial shade, appreciates fresh soil

Hardiness: perennial -25 ° C
Easy to succeed
Use: kitchen garden, garden, borders, planters, pots, suspensions
Soil: rich, fresh light soil
Exposure: partial shade, sun
Watering: regular
Height: 15-20 cm

the seeds should be refrigerated for at least 1 month to simulate a dormant period before being sown.

1) Sow from January to March, under cover, in seedbeds or buckets, fill them with a sterile substrate, (good commercial horticultural compost), sow the seeds on the surface and press lightly in the soil, need light to germinate.
When the plants are strong enough, replant them outdoors after the risk of frost, straw all around the plants to keep the soil temperature and humidity constant. Space 30-50 cm in all directions.
2) Sowing from May to October (outside periods of hot weather and frost), directly in place, in a draining substrate, rich and fresh (mix of peat, potting soil) slightly tamp and barely cover the fine seeds. The optimum germination temperature is + 20 ° C. Keep the seedlings slightly moistened, you can either water in fine rain or cover the seeds with a light cloth (white wintering veil) to prevent drying out. The majority of seeds germinate but not at the same time, there may be latecomers. It takes from 3 weeks to 2 months depending on the temperature.
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