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orchid Phalaenopsis mix

orchid Phalaenopsis mix
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orchid Phalaenopsis mix
Reference : ORC007
orchid Phalaenopsis mix color
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The flowers, 2 to 12 cm in diameter, resemble butterflies: from the column start sepals, petals and a lip that is often of a different color. They develop in simple or branched clusters, on more or less erect stems and have the great advantage of lasting several weeks or even months. On the other hand, then, it is sometimes difficult to make them bloom again.

Phalaenopsis orchids have gone from being a rather precious plant, even collectible, to that of low-cost plants that we see in all interiors, in all florists and other decoration brands!

Family: Orchidaceae
Type: perennial
Origin: Asia and Oceania
Color: white, yellow, pink flowers
Sowing: no
Cutting: yes
Planting: outside the flowering period
Flowering: all year round
Height: 15 cm to 1 m depending on the species
Ideal soil and exposure for planting a Phalaenopsis orchid in a pot
The Phalaenopsis orchid is grown in a mixture of fibrous peat and pine bark, in a transparent pot so that the roots also benefit from the light. They appreciate high humidity and good light without direct sunlight.

Phalaenopsis orchid cuttings date
If your Phalaenopsis orchid produces a sucker, you can detach it to plant it in isolation: these are keikis which are, in reality, like mini-orchids that grow on a stalk. It will be necessary to wait before detaching it from the mother plant that it is quite vigorous, that is to say that it has at least three leaves and roots which are at least 5 cm long.

Care and cultivation advice for the Phalaenopsis orchid
Between March and October, weekly or even bi-weekly watering is required with misting the plant. During the winter, keep the leaves dry and water only about every ten days. Do not let the water stagnate in the flowerpot: for this, prefer drenching for 15 minutes to watering.

Cut off the deflowered parts above a lower node on the stem to encourage new flower production. On the other hand, if the stem dries, cut there flush.

To make your orchid bloom again, a strict follow-up of the maintenance advice will suffice: heat, humidity, regular watering, brightness
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