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white lily of the valley

white lily of the valley
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white lily of the valley
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white lily of the valley seeds
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May thrush or common thrush (Convallaria majalis), is a species of perennial herbaceous plants from temperate regions whose spring flowers, small and white, form clusters of very fragrant bells. It is a very toxic, even deadly, plant. In temperate European zones, in forests, where it occurs naturally, lily of the valley is (with periwinkle) a good bioindicator of the age and naturalness of the forest2. Lily of the Valley flowers in spring.

Ideal soil and exposure for planting lily of the valley
Lily of the valley loves freshness: a partial shade exposure, for example at the foot of a tree, will therefore suit it perfectly. Lily of the valley needs moisture. It will therefore prefer shaded areas and soil rich in humus.
Date of planting and multiplication of lily of the valley
Sowing is possible but delicate, the seed of lily of the valley is replaced by bulbs in garden centers. The simplest is the division of rhizomes. In autumn, ideally at the beginning of October, spread your claws 8cm apart. Implant the claw by pointing the pointed part upwards. Then cover your future lilies of the valley with potting soil, and water abundantly.

Care and culture advice for thrush
Enrich the soil with compost annually. For a good colonization of space, make sure that the soil is always well moist.
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